Rachel, Magnolia and Tria dicussing the duties of motherhood while Dylan, Luke and P talk dodge ball strategies

Rachel and Adam's newest addition Magnolia

baby shower in preparation for the arrival of River Winslow Sieben, now that's a stately name...

Kevin & Rachel with mini-P

P and Mini-P on the scene with the gangsta lean

Simon goes for the digits

new spot going called legoland==============zeke and zach test the chill-a-bility- factor

the art work is amazing

everybody got kids these days

Zeke know his way on D.I.Y. tranny


grown ass men OFF work in the middle of the week

THING BAD sighting

this spots got it all- gaps, ledges, gaps to ledges, and trannies

zeke does the gap


mike&zeke in the yoda hut


grapes outside black eye skate shop-----another good sk8 shop bites the dust

black eye reincarnated as a bar

amy & shannon at the soft-opening of The Yellow Jacket Social Club-----actually this opening was anything but soft

sign designed by sieben and printed by darin

some old skaters working on new dance moves

austin's best new skate bar-YELLOW JACKET SOCIAL CLUB- owned and operated by-stan&mimi and Shannon&Amy

cajun crackers---what the F?-----------------the food is F#@%ing awesome

Hungry gets up in the mix---------------------------AZ crew lurkin hard

Gherety sighting

wheres Waldo-------oh wait------that's Smitty-----------with his drink of choice-Malibu

)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))Hubba))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))and Classic formby

Darin & Ray------------------------------------------------------Ray doing well after a run in with Robert E. Lee

it was kinda like an east texas family reunion

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Shinny Muffins*******************


token Brooks Pomp

random parting shots