PRL #10 ------SPOTS on the verge of EXTINCTION------------------alien pod------------------and--------------------the Pecan Farm

in route to the POD


fly like an alien

photos by Rylanders aka DISPOSABLE CAMERA ZINE GUY======================================CON+AIR-tail block

you'll get a heat stroke out there boy -------------------------------------------------CON-AIR front lips thru the big ET corner-Pecanville,TX

------------------------------------------Kevin Trahan----aka the Pecan-Man----------------------------------------

some dudes @ the POD===============PRL-straight documenting the endangered species of alien pod dwellers

a rare bird commonly referred to as the BERNAL JOSEPH---GOOGLE that shit

what the heck is an alien pond?

OOMPA sighting

this was from one of the hundreds of LAST SESSIONS @ the alien pod---------R.I.P. ALIEN POD

the PECAN needs a lil' work but it should be around for a while====================PRL=pecan=ramp=locals

the INFAMOUS Curt strikes again


boomhower relaxin' at the Pecan Patio

lil' elephant

Jeff Goldblume takes time off from his busy schedule to DONATE to the Pecan Ramp Preservation Society

thing bad?

sesh is over dudes...........................

shannon has a great collection t-shirts from strip clubs and was one of the FOUNDING FATHERS of the Pecan Ramp

the Fresh Up had an art show at the US art authority---sounds pretty serious---I thought art was supposed to be anti-authority

the Auhority is part of the Spider House corporation==================some cool faces by Zach MacDonald=================

flatland BMX demo---------------------------------------------------------thats OLD SCHOOL----dirty boys

art by FLACO

DIRTY BOYZ will straight cut your ass-----------------------------------J-Law the curator of FRESH UP PRESENTS------&Steevo

ART meets BMX

that shit was the BOMB!

lil' Hazey

steevo with the video installation art

ruben castillo the king of freestyle in the house>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

fixies-------------------------------------------------------------------------------JLAW's gym

drink up son ---it's an ART SHOW


WARD & Smitty showed up

those guys


back to the Alien Pod-------------------sponsored by ROGER

take me with you-------------------------by the time you read this I'll be nothing but rubble

Sieben brought some travelling ART-dudes to check out the POD before it turns into dust

>>>>>>>>>apparently this is the dude who made a movie called MACHO TAILDROP---fantasy sk8 flick--ck it out

Lee Brooks truck as usual loaded with RANDOM shit...........................................

Coulture Clash================================================Alex with a Big Bone-less

Schmalls & Brooksy take a breather



THRASHER SXSW party---------RUBE--JOEB--OOMPA==========================================================JOEB-Holga shots


CHILI up in the mix===================================================JOEB----photo----titled--------CHEAP SUNGLASSES---OWNIE

POD documentation

Thanks to Darren and Dallas (the dream destroyers and of the famous zine -thing bad) for keeping the Alien Pod going for so Long

group photos at the local landmark known as the alien pod================================good by - old pod

and now for something completely different-----------------------------------------the BUZZCOCKS @ the mohawk

these old british fuckers can still rock....................

pete shelley - full of piss and vinegar

from the Opposite end of the spectrum, but equally EPIC the Texas Tornadoes at Blues on the Green

------------------------------------------------------------------------Flaco just killing it on the acordian

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Augie>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>& Speedy Sparks

Flaco and his signature HOHNER

Shawn Sahm