Dave the Lurker @ the Perfect Strangers Photo Show held at Parts and Labor --------------------------Joe-B Hard @ Lurk

back street boyz

switchie - G's photos

switchie & Otis


CMJ 4-ever

the venue


Bro-mance on SOCO

lurk at that Burt-stache-Pillow

Shawn Eri Crylander off to Perlas

a trip to the new new braunfels sk8 park-----------------------------------------------------------------no - dice

River instead-------------------------------------------------------------------------Switchie caught a fish this BIG....

the Lexican----------------Mike Kelly & sons------------------------------------------------------------------Goot

Rock'n Rog ----------------------------------------------------------"you-know-wha-im-say'n "

sk8 & destroy

summer time

cancun y pastor

New Braunfels new skatepark

the Rog abides


random Lurkers corner

Stony Emo Pizza Party

killing time

Low Browser

the Strange genius of magnus randell @ OK-mountain

lessons learned from Mrs. P

Yoda the Patron Saint of Prather

dave does a Lurky version of the monster mash @ the mini-Prather 2009

schmalls ever lurking

Find & Grind Cinco-de-Mayo bash--------------new location----new ramp compound

janky lurker ramp

photos by Chris Carrasquillo--------------------------------find & grinders

---------------------------------short-bus gets lifted------------------------lee-andrews

yeah, boyeeeee..............................

photos by Chris Carrasquillo--------------------------------find & grinders

Lurkers group photo

some smooth shit

watch it, punk...

Travis William's Art Show at the Parlor 2009---------------Samurai Style

the Artist

the tip jar

random lurkers---------------------------------------------------------------the end