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the crew

Byrd back smiths the shit out of the shallow end

young shredda -Austin Holland makes lee and zach smile-- or is it Holland Austin?

the boys from lakeway know their way around some tight tranny

dispossable guy burps his way into a hook-up

johnmillerlight gets down with a busch

mad max

philly anthony rips the skater/swimmer

cut loose, y'all

drankin selfie

hollywood backside disaster slide on the new layer of birch

young rippa nick parenti

the first band of king fest 2012

a fall sunset in spicewood, TX is a good place to be

the trowel--easily the best band of the night--from what I can remember

Mad Max king of the early grab and pit

can't wait for 2013--somebody said the Spits are playing?

Brushy Creek with the homies

san martians

ha ha

jack asses

McElroy at the fun fun fun olympics

crazy fucking launch into the mighty Colorado River--fiesta gardens

the old gaynor

McCurdy don't fuck around

ollie tail grab

i am the egg man

stubbs-get well soon

snow's worth the hour and a half drive--I think it may better than the stuff over in Lockhart, but there is no skatepark

this old lady is one bad-ass pit-master

my boy blue

gangsta Matt


mike kelley's a force to reckon with

Bob Mold played copper blue all the way thru

old duded can still rock

ramps decorated by siebenup

holland glides over the hole

matt hoffman. the man who started the mega ramp craze.

puerto rican and Otis enjoying FFF 2012

ah yeah, get some

everybody Cut-loose now

sieben sighting in a sea of green---and one of those PRL dudes

human bulletin board

that's going to leave a mark

you know Catfish don't pass up the opportunity to staple $ to a crazy goth and dad would be proud of her


let us play your party

soon you'll have no place to stay....

UT fans everywhere--------can't wait to skate the tranny seating and BBQ zone, bro.

another Fun Fun Fun come and gone, and almost here again

Nick blows minds with a fronside invert on the 13' BMX wall