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this one goes to eleven------------------------------------------------------------------P.R.L.#11 ROCKS-OUT

Lockhart -BEST skatepark EVER!!!

between runs D-train checks out the new THING BAD-AZ retrospective

schmalls takes one hard slam to both knee caps

new THING BAD -epic artwork-the story of the orgins of the DREAM DESTROYERS -plus they made the thrasher zine page

blood wizardz?=========================================================D-train takes out some tile in the deep end

dude, check out that gnarly carve I just did------------------------------------------------------huddleston sighting

alien -vs- predator

shawn got a girlfriend

thing bad and PRL go to Lockhart

random smitty sighting---------------this DUDE got married--no way

saw a bad-ass show at the parlor -babydick(above)- the chumps- and the Motards

babydick are a fun party band- featuring that dude who sang for the FUCKEMOS---same distortion on vocals and all

lurk it out

the Motards rocked the house

johnny motard

more rock

the SAVIOURS at RED-7 from Oakland----------------heavy heavy stoner rock at its best

just shredding


they turned it up to 11 on this one

those guys

endless slummers

if you wanna rock-go see the SAVIOURS- when they come to your town..........

mike aho of SOUNDER playing at Joe's coffee

sieben illustrated a cool video for SOUNDER- check it out-those days were good days (as days sometimes are)

mr. rogers was there

look closely for brainold in the crowd

went out to schmalls lake house to escape the heat

Brooksy was there


schmalls had a cool lil' motor-scooter- but it wouldn't run long enough for him to get up that big hill...

Jenn's look says it ALL........

see ya next time around......................