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heading down to house park pre ACL surgery

house from the top of the garage

doinit in the ATX

empty....morning sesh

wake up and smell the concrete

mike star conquers the tail block ala snake run------------lockhart best skatepark and bar-B-Q in TX

able and the lexican try to maintain in the TX heat

random sighting: Richard Richards aka Dicks -----------------and Destry Jaimes(badass photog) both rad dudes

down in the PIPE with Johnny Walker, Big Ryan, and the dudes from Cock Fight Skateboards a sick company outta H-town

due to humidity the pipe was a lil' sweaty this sesh

great shoes for blow torch work

ah yeah

mike gives it a spin

5 hours prep before skating..............good times

photos by Big Ryan Smith---------------------------Lockhart-------------J. Juneau nose picks in a tight spot

Byrd doin the back smithy

jamaican me crazy lay back

schralp it up!

snipes hits the snake run

b&w photos of Lockhart by Big Ryan

in July in Texas the best thing to do is head for the Pacific NW------------------------------Zig Zag, Oregon

mandatory stop for skating and greens

dude traded a surfboard for this sweet RV

some new art work since the last visit


In austin they won't even let us have a DIY spot on the fringes of town, Portland gets one in the heart of the city

at first I thought this guy might be Jimmy Finley------no, just another kooky old skater that rips---alley oop 360

burnside youth

Burnside a great place for kids to play....

back to nature

and a drink or two at the timberline lodge................this place is seriously EPIC built by the fine folks of the WPA

Wendells, the bastards wouldn't let me skate because camp was in session, BS.

brew pubs are everywhere out there--Rogue

off to the coast

if you are ever in Canon Beach grab a beer and some smoked shrimp at the warren house

awhhh.... the Pacific


salmon'll freeze your ass off


back to the oppresive heat

Byrd with his signature trick------------------------------Doug Kings



southern star

bowl dawgs

King ranch where old ramps go to die

Random Austin summer sights shot on traditional slide film

butt shot of my favorite BMX dude Tom Dugan at House Park

meanwhile over at the white trash side of barton springs

bull dogs and speedos

a glimpse of how the other half lives

cowboys and hippies

switchie and kristen tie the knot--summer 2012 at the Wizard Academy--switchie becomes a wizard

with Pastor Cary Jackson--nice service Bro....

adam and mags

somebody help that poor kid.....

Coz' every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man

congratulations newly weds, enjoy it now...

scott hughes built a sick spot under I-35, as gnarly as they come, unfortunately the City Stooges tore it down

scott hughes slashes the shit out of slaughter creek river rock coping, no pussies

hoopes and broken teeth coping

star back from 2 broken bones in one year, DWN for LIFE

the pillar pocket turned out buttery, and the boys only had a couple weeks to kill it before TXDOT literally killed it


nice work boys

mustache ride?

went to Blanco for the Real Ale 16th anniversary party with Lex and John-----------------hazey loved the brew

firemans 4 now in cans

old man siebens birthday ---C-Tech sesh and San Marcos skatepark-- good times

schmalls balls

largest gathering of heads at C-Fan in years

Joe Leggs uses his legs to bust a sick blunt to fakie off the bar

this was the first spot I was taken to upon moving to san marcos

Texas- ditches and cotton fields